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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I have clearly not done very well blogging since my big debut. :) The life of a pharmacist sometimes requires a day or 2 of recovery after busy days of work! I am ashamed I am just now getting around to this but last weekend I had a girl's weekend in Bham while R had a Man's weekend at the camp and we both had a blast! I went to Birmingham and got to visit with my college roomies/friends as well as paint a masterpiece at Sips N Strokes (I highly recommend it) and "climb" the infamous Yogurt Mountain! It was a grand weekend filled with girlie time like shopping and chatting late into the night. I also finally had "Christmas" with Andrea (R's sister) and a delicious meal at Flip Burger. R went into the woods and spent the weekend with the fellas at the camp hunting/tracking deer and grilling out! They're nights weren't as late due to the very early mornings that hunting brings. We both had a wonderful time with our friends and were very glad to be reunited on Sunday to cook out and relax before starting another week.
Now here we are nearly at the end of another week! So here are some of the things I am thankful for this week!
1. A very thoughtful husband who makes me smile even when he's had a bad day.
2. A week at work where I felt productive more than I felt frustrated.
3. A visit from my sister - and the time to enjoy it! (Including a fun trip to Publix, California Yogurt Kraze, and a new Mardi Gras wreath for my front door)
4. Time with great friends - both in and out of town. (Reuniting with college friends and making new ones here, too)
5. Rocking chairs for our front porch from Mom and Dad!
6. A sweet pup to play with
7. A vacation to look forward to with some pretty fun folks :)
8. Dove Chocolate Valentine Hearts- I'm always thankful for chocolate!
9. A new Real Simple magazine
10. The treadmill - it does so much for my self esteem and my health :)

That's all for now!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

War Eagle!!! National Champs!

I still can't believe it!!! I am so jealous of all of our friends who were there for the big game...it was amazing! The Millers may not be known for our sports interest/knowledge but this was one game we certainly will never forget the stats for! Also, I found something that will keep Randolph up past hist 9pm bedtime on a work night - too bad it only comes around once in a lifetime! All I have to say about last night is WAR EAGLE! I'm always proud to be an AU Tiger but last night's game and the remarks after the game by coaches/players were so perfect!

Due to the ice (or actually the lack thereof around here) Randolph was off work yesterday, and it was my day off too. We were both a little sinus-y and R was still thawing out from a weekend of hunting but it was a nice relaxing, recovery day to catch up on rest, relaxation, and FOOTBALL of course. We are glad that the treacherous weather missed us but thinking of those who are still stuck in snow and ice.

It's days like this that I love my job - of course, I am off sitting at home on the couch blogging and watching the Today Show. However, it is my job schedule that makes this possible! Plans for the day - clean up the house, exercise, play with the pup, and cook dinner for the hubby! Good day of inside activities ahead - it's freezing out!

Well, time to clean - WAR EAGLE!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hunting Season

Randolph came home from work 2 days ago to discover that I had started a blog...which he proceeded to read. I'm guessing that is how he will also find out about this blog post:)

As many in the South know, it is hunting season. I am a retail pharmacist which means that I work weekends - every other to be exact. This leaves Gidget and I time to curl up by the fire, watch girlie shows (Private Practice, The Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy....need I say more) and now, BLOG while R is in the woods tracking our dinner! I don't really know what to write about so I'm sorry if this is a little random. I was originally terrified of the thought of staying in our new (larger than apartment sized) house but Gidget has become a grand bed buddy when R is out of town :) Don't worry, she has in no way replaced him - ha. So, as the pup and I sit by the fire pondering the year ahead here are some thoughts...

1. We now have a treadmill so 2011 is bound to be a healthier year for us both! We have already started the year with great, fresh, healthy meals (for the most part)
2. I have read a wonderful book for newly married wives, as well as not so newly married ones. It was a wedding gift from Sarah Skipper and has been very insightful for me. It is called "Creative Counterpart" by Linda Dillow and it is very inspiring, but also very realistic. I have enjoyed it and learned from it and I hope it has in some way helped me become a better wife (even though I'm sure R would say I couldn't get any better :)- and he is of course the perfect husband (no book necessary) :)
3. Work - my job is trying at times and often super busy and stressful...however, I hope that I am impacting at least some lives in a positive way. It has been a great way to meet people in this new (and now, very homey) town and make new friends. I have also already learned at least as much in the past few months as in 4 years of pharmacy school. Sorry HSOP :)I really do love what I do even if, some days, I don't love my job.
4. I am joining the Episcopal church and faith thanks to R and the Miller/Smith family, and with my Baptist minister father's blessing. As I study the history of the church and Christianity in general I am learning so much about a faith I have known all my life. It is so interesting to learn where traditions and beliefs developed and evolved. It is nice to take a new look at such a familiar part of my life (Shout out here to Jim and Sharon for the Book of Common Prayer I got for Christmas!)
5. Puppies - Gidget is SUCH a joy in our life! We debated forever whether to get a puppy and now we can't imagine not having the little furry member of our family! We love her and if you have the time and means to care for them I encourage you to get a pup! :)

OK, those may have been the most random points in the history of blogging but they are all pertinent to our life right now. I know that some of you like a play by play so this is at least a summary-ha.
After an amazing, crazy, busy, fun holiday season with all of our family it is nice to sit, relax and reflect on the year behind and ahead. Last year was so amazing, but I think we may try to top it in 2011 (although I haven't figured out why yet).

Well, I do have to work tomorrow so that is all for now! Goodnight!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here we go...

So I have been gently nudged by friends to start blogging to keep up with each other...I had actually created a blog a while ago but never actually posted! So Julie J, this is for you! haha

As of yesterday Randolph and I have been together for a full 3 years and married almost 8 months. In the past year I graduated, got married, moved to Troy, started my first job and adopted our sweet puppy Gidget!

As we start this new year I can't wait to see what 2011 will hold for us! I am really feeling at home in Troy now and making great friends and getting into the swing of work.

This blog will follow the Millers through this year and beyond if I remember to update it. :)
So here it is...I guess it's Miller time. Haha :)