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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More pictures...

After a weekend of working I was so excited to have a day at home with R yesterday. We are so thankful for those who have served our country, and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we can relax and rest and feel safe in our homes. We took full advantage of this day to rest and relax. I'm pretty sure it was somewhere near 11am when we woke up and around 4pm when I finally got out of my p.j.'s. It was the most glorious day! We enjoyed a day at home just relaxing and enjoying each other and our little pup.
Speaking of Gidget - she is doing much better and recovering nicely from the snake bite. The bite area is pretty disgusting but it shows no signs of infection so far and is improving daily. She is definitely back to her old self and we are so glad!
I have been playing some with my new camera around the house and yard and here are some of the cool pictures I have gotten so far...

We found this little guy burrowing into our yard after a rain storm

And this one was sitting the driveway

One of our knockout roses getting ready to bloom! (left)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sooooooo Thankful

R and I started out the past weekend excited to spend some time with friends at the hunting camp. It was perfect weather and I was able to visit with the girls and get in a little porch-reading time in addition to some "outdoorsy" activities like fishing and riding around. All was going swimmingly until we got the call that sweet Gidget has been bitten by a rattle snake at home where a friend of mine was taking care of her for us. My friend and her son also narrowly escaped a bite themselves! Poor Gidget spent a couple of days at the vet while R and I worried ourselves silly about her. Thankfully she is home and well - if a bit swollen on the leg with the bite and slow-moving. She is recovering wonderfully though, thanks to the quick thinking and action of my friend, April, and the vet. This is where I will begin my Thankful Thursday this week...

- Gidget's health and recovery from a scary snake bite
- Snake traps and stuff to keep them away - we want to ensure this will never happen in our yard again!
- Time with friends this weekend
- Wonderful friends that take great care of us and our little pup
- A great family
- My new camera - I am so excited to be adding better quality photos to this blog :)
- The fact that my new camera came with an instructional DVD - I am a bit electronically challenged
- Abby finding out what her allergy was caused by - so she can avoid it and stop itching
- An upcoming wedding in our family to celebrate!
- An upcoming reunion weekend with my college girls - yay!
- Summer - even though I don't get a break from work, it's just a happy time of year
- Some rain today to squash some of the allergens attacking us lately.
- The start of married year 2!

I will end with a few pictures from the new camera :)

Gidget is recovering nicely - while we pamper her

Now we can enjoy some lovely outdoor dinners :)

I'm still learning how to use my camera so hopefully the pictures will get more creative than this...
Until next time - be thankful for something every day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anniversary time!

Happy first anniversary to us! I have to say, I have been looking forward to this day practically since we got married last year. As your may have guessed, I was quite thrilled to get another taste of our delicious cake, and see what sweet R could come up with. I have to give it to him, he truly outdid himself! Our anniversary weekend went a little like this...
- I have to work Saturday until 6, and when I opened the garage door upon my return, there was R sitting the chair of a brand new (and our first) outdoor dining furniture! I was beyond thrilled because we have had our eye on this particular set since last summer.
- To top that off, we had a delicious dinner of fillet mignon in our garage on our new table complete with wonderful sides and candles.
- He also gave me one of those prints that spells "Miller" out of different photographs and it looks so awesome in our entryway! I also gave him a print - an Auburn "Tiger" eagle sketch. I guess great minds think alike. The first anniversary gift is supposed to be paper so this was very appropriate.
- Sunday we went to church and lunch, then R treated me to a movie - we went to see "Bridesmaids" and it was pretty hilarious
- Sunday night we gave in and got some take-out Dominos. I was our anniversary after all, so we didn't have to cook!
- After scarfing down pizza we cut and ate our strawberry wedding cake! It was a bit drier than last year but pretty awesome considering it was a year old! We enjoyed the Sunday night and stayed up to watch movies since we were both off on Monday. I was also surprised with a spa gift certificate! :) Yay!

It was truly a glorious weekend to enjoy with R to celebrate a year of wedded bliss under our belts! Sorry for this detailed play by play of our one year celebration but I just had to give R a little credit for his planning and creativeness. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I have been neglecting my blogging duties lately - but I'm back! I apologize if this is a little dis-jointed and random but I must catch up!

Last weekend we spent Mother's Day weekend with my family in Mobile. It was the wedding of my friends Ashley and Justin and a beautiful weekend for it! This was one of the first times that we've visited my parents with no real schedule and it was SO nice to relax and visit and catch some rays around the pool. I got to spend some very nice, relaxing time with my MOM on Mother's Day weekend so we were all happy! I came back to Troy with a nasty cold/sinus infection but am on the mend now - thank goodness.

Now, on to those things that I am so thankful for
- The beautiful weekend in Mobile with family
- This upcoming weekend on which we will celebrate OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!! Yay! What a wonderful year it has been.
- On that note, my wonderful husband who always takes such good care of me (even/especially when I'm sick) and loves me so well!
- Our new commitment to the Couch to 5K program which is getting us both off the couch and into our "summer" bodies - ha (at least we hope so!)
- Time to catch up with friends
- New pillows on our bed - this may sound minor but a good nights sleep makes a huge difference and we both sleep much better now!
- One year since graduating pharmacy school - and being in the real world. Some days I do miss those fun college days, and especially those friends, but I don't miss the tests!
- Randolph's family's safety from the floods in Vicksburg. This flood can be so destructive but knowing family is safe is certainly a relief to those of us far away.
- Our sweet dog, who is as enthusiastic about Couch to 5k as we are - and maybe more
- Sunny weather to enjoy the outdoors!

There are so many more but time to don my swimsuit and sunscreen and enjoy being outside!