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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Now, don't go getting used to this 2 posts in 2 days business...but I've been feeling inspired to blog lately! (and by lately I mean the last 2 days-ha) I haven't had a Thankful Thursday post in quite some time, and it's certainly not because I haven't had things to be thankful for! I'm really going to try and do better with blogging, so we'll see. Ok, on to Thankful Thursday...

- A weekend with wonderful, sweet, bestest friends last weekend. It was a much-needed time to just be together and relax and talk and talk and talk.

- 30 years of wedded bliss for my parents to celebrate this week! Love them and the example they set for us!

- Date night last night! With all the craziness summer has brought lately we were happy for some just sit, eat, and chat time.

- Grace - I need it every day (and some days, every minute, second, etc)

- Friends - wouldn't know what to do without them

- The beach. Even though we don't make it there often, it's there for us when we need it!

- The great job I have to go to every day. There are lots of people who don't have that opportunity so I try (I didn't say i DO, i said I TRY) not to complain about it too much.

- Family time coming up soon

- An upcoming wedding to celebrate! (Shout out to MC!)

- Some sweet new blessings for some sweet friends!

- Lunch with friends (one of my all-time favorite things in my grown-up life) and days off that I can do this!

- A new Real Simple magazine that came in the mail yesterday! Hooray!

- My Kindle that allows me to read any book at the tip of my fingertips! Especially living in a town with no real bookstore, I have a great appreciation for this!

There are so many more things but after my monster post yesterday I'll keep this short and sweet!

Love, LA

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