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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 It seems that I have taken a little blogging hiatus. I didn't do it intentionally - you can blame work, dust bunnies and dog hair, and Pinterest. Fall has started in full swing and we are staying busy but having fun! In August we spent a fun weekend in Auburn (for fun date night) and Alex City (for O'Neal and Cooper's wedding at Five Star Plantation). It was a weekend of fun that gave us some relaxing time together, as well as time with friends. At the beginning of September we traveled to Auburn for the AU v Miss State game and got to see many friends and spend some fun time on the plains. My parents spent last weekend with us here and we had a blast catching up and doing fun "updates" around the house. In between all of the traveling I have been working and R has been working and going to class (for his MBA at Troy). We try to keep the house in a semi-clean and organized state when we have time, but WHEW! we have stayed busy! Fall has gotten here before I even realized it was summer - but I am definitely ready for fall weather and clothes.  That was a very, very quick update and I'm sure there is lots more to be shared but the ironing is waiting for me.

I have so much to be thankful for and here are a few of the highlights this week...
1. My wonderful husband who works hard, studies hard, and still has time for me.
2. A new addition to the Irons family. Sweet baby Alex was born this week and I had the pleasure of meeting him yesterday! It's unbelievable that we all start out so tiny...
3. A few days with my sister this week - and a fun road trip for the day yesterday. I'm glad her job enables her to come entertain me from time to time on my off days.
4. A weekend with my parents. We hadn't seen them since June, so it was past time. We had a blast and they are always so much help on our household projects :)
5. Fall coming to Alabama (sort-of) - I'm definitely ready!
6. Grace, forgiveness, and new mercies every day.
7. An upcoming weekend with friends to celebrate the marriage of Amy and Lee!
8. Pinterest and it's crafty ideas - it may waste a good deal of my time, but it gives me some great craft project to try and spruce up my home!
9. Coffee - I seriously don't know what I'd do if I had to work without it :)
10. All of our family and friends (also, this list is in no certain order...)
...There are many, many more but I'll leave you with a few pictures from our summer/fall adventures!

I ran into Amy at AU v Miss St

 Me, Kira and Byrne tailgating

We won!!!

Dana, Laura and I at O'Neal's wedding

R and I at Five Star Plantation

AU Date Night...if you want to realized how old you really are...

R at AU v Miss St...very focused

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