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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catch-up time!

Well, I have not been so good at my blogging lately. We've been busy - since my last blog, my sister came to visit while R was out of town on a hunting trip to Texas, I went to visit my fam in Mobile, and R's parents came to spend the Fourth of July weekend with us. It has been a fun and busy last couple of weeks!

While my sister was here we did some exercising and cooking (gluten free for her, of course)! We also did some shopping around the little shops here and had a great time. My visit to Mobile was a quick one, but a good one. Gidget and I both enjoyed getting to spend some time hanging out by the pool and visiting with my parents. While we were busy visiting, R was in Texas hunting trophy ram and hogs - he got one of both as well as a very nice bass while fishing. Those pics are a little, um, gross to share on the blog haha.

This past weekend we enjoyed the holiday with R's parents. We were off work Friday so it made for a nice long weekend! The guys fixed things around the house and us girls did some shopping and relaxing. We also planted some flowers!

The beautiful hibiscus they brought for us!

We also did lots of eating - it was a holiday after all! And, of course we went to church on Sunday, so we decided to take a picture while we all looked nice and clean :)

The Millers before church!
Monday night we went to see the firework show put on by the city - and it was spectacular! I took lots of pictures with my new camera (and maybe I should have learned a little about the settings first...oops) Here are a few that actually turned out pretty good...

I hope you all had a very happy Fourth! Have a great week!


  1. Glad you've had such a fun productive week or so! That hibiscus is gorgeous. I'm having plant envy right now :) I happen to love your pictures of the fireworks...it is SO hard to get good shots of those. You did a pretty stellar job, friend!


  2. Thanks Julie! I have to say those were the 2 successful photos out of about 56 terrible ones1. :) I hope you are having a great week! Miss you